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Atascadero Sewer Line Replacement and Repair

If your drains are constantly clogged or you find standing water in your yard, it’s time to give a trusted plumber a call. These are both signs that your sewer line is malfunctioning and needs repair or replacement. A faulty sewer line can be both a hassle and a safety hazard for you and your family. Without a functional sewer line, your plumbing system will not work properly, and the worse you let it get, the more likely you will need major repairs or a full sewer line replacement.

The licensed professionals at Red’s On Time Plumbing are ready to tackle sewer line repairs and replacements in Atascadero and the surrounding Central California coast cities. Red’s On Time Plumbing was founded in 1982, and with over 40 years of experience, we like to think we know our way around plumbing systems. We are the oldest family-owned plumbing company in the Central Coast area, so we have deep roots in the local community. We are also one of the few plumbing businesses in the area that offers free estimates. Call us today at (805) 669-2706 to find out more!

What is a Sewer Line?

A sewer line is the pipe buried underground in your backyard which connects the plumbing in your house to the public sewage system. Some homes, especially those in rural areas, have septic systems instead of sewer lines. But the vast majority of homes in the U.S. employ sewer lines and the public sewer system to contain and treat wastewater.

The sewer line is where all of the waste washed down drains and flushed down toilets goes. It’s the carrier for both solid and liquid waste, so long as it’s working properly. This is why you are often advised not to wash certain things down the drain (like cooking oil or animal fat) and flush non flushable objects down the toilet (like wipes or tissues). Products like these increase the chance of build-up in your pipes and sewer line, increasing the need for frequent drain cleaning and elevating the chance of sewer line failure.

Why You Need to Repair or Replace Your Sewer Line

There are many signs that you may need to request sewer line repair in Atascadero. A professional plumber, like the ones at Red’s On Time Plumbing, will be able to properly assess the damage and provide solutions, whether it means simply cleaning your drains or a full sewer line replacement. The following symptoms indicate your sewer line needs an inspection:

Frequent Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Sewer lines often require replacement or repair in Atascadero because they have not been maintained as well as they could be. Make sure you know what to do to keep your sewer line from needing major repairs. Here are some common problems the plumbers at Red’s On Time Plumbing have seen:

Frequent drain cleaning may help reduce the need for future sewer line repairs. Since thorough drain cleaning processes like hydro jetting flush the plumbing system entirely, it makes major clogs and build-up less likely.

However, certain factors are out of your control, like if a tree root penetrates and grows into your pipes. When you need a diagnosis for your malfunctioning sewer line, count on Red’s On Time Plumbing to suggest exactly what you need, whether that’s drain cleaning, sewer line repair, or a full sewer line replacement in Atascadero and the surrounding areas.


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