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5 Facts About Sewer Systems That May Surprise You

Sewer systems are integral to managing waste and protecting public health and our environment. Despite their importance, many do not even consider their inner workings or how they came to be. Here are five astonishing facts about sewer systems that will surprise you.

1. The First Sewer Systems Were Created Thousands of Years Ago

The first sewer systems appeared on the scene thousands of years ago. One of the first civilizations to have them was the Indus Valley people around 2500 B.C.E. More advancements were made to sewer systems during the Roman Empire, as they were the ones who created the Cloaca Maxima, a system that is still in use today. This demonstrates that people understood managing waste to protect public health long before our time.

2. Sewers Have Dual Functionality

Today’s sewer systems serve two purposes: to remove waste and manage stormwater. This functionality is vital for protecting water sources from becoming polluted and preventing diseases from spreading. In several cities, sewer systems consist of one single pipe that handles both waste and stormwater, and this can cause significant issues during heavy rainfall. These systems can overflow and release raw sewage into bodies of water. On the other hand, there are sewer systems that are designed to manage sewage and stormwater separately; however, these are more complex.

3. Sewers Protect the Food Web

If waste containing raw sewage and industrial chemicals gets into our environment, this can seriously damage our food web. Primary producers who use the sun to manufacture their own food, such as algae, can decline in number. This will negatively impact plant-eating animals who rely on these primary producers for food. These animals will become fewer in number, and this will impact carnivores because their food sources will not be as plentiful. Eventually, humans who consume carnivores will be affected. Sewer systems keep waste out of the environment because they transport it to treatment plants.

4. Sewers Are Monitored and Maintained With Cutting-Edge Technology

For sewer systems to function properly, municipalities employ high-tech systems for monitoring and maintenance. For example, CCTV cameras and robots are utilized to inspect pipes for blockages and other issues to promptly address them and ensure optimal performance. Smart systems are also used to detect leaks and keep an eye on flow rates to prevent water loss and facilitate timely repairs. Smart solutions such as these will maintain the efficiency and dependability of today’s sewer systems in the face of a growing population.

5. Innovations Propel Sewer Systems Into the Future

As we face challenges, such as population growth, climate change and aging infrastructure, the need for innovation becomes more apparent. Engineers are creating innovative solutions, such as green sewer systems that will absorb rainwater and advanced treatment technologies that recover valuable resources from sewage, such as nutrients and energy.

To do your part in preserving our sewer systems, you must make sure you maintain your home sewer line. You can do this by scheduling annual maintenance. To schedule sewer line service in Atascadero, CA, contact Red’s On Time Plumbing right now.


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