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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Gas Water Heaters

The water heater must deliver hot water to kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms for cooking, cleaning, washing, and bathing. If your unit is not working anymore, a gas water heater replacement could fill the gap. Here are the pros and cons of adding one to your home.

The Benefits of Gas Water Heaters

Despite spikes in natural gas prices occurring two years ago, gas still costs less than electricity in Atascadero, CA. You can use lots of hot water without a dramatic bill increase, making gas water heaters energy efficient. That is great for large families that demand more hot water. The burner heats the water quickly from the bottom up to maintain high demands. When they cease, the unit recovers quickly. Also, a power outage won’t stop gas water heaters from operating. It produces hot water when the lights are out because it doesn’t depend on electricity.

Gas water heaters come in various unit sizes with lengthy lifespans. They can last eight to 12 years before repairs and up to 20 years before replacement on average. Natural gas is a nonrenewable fossil fuel. It’s cleaner than coal and electricity, yet not as pure as wind or solar. The middle-of-the-road eco-friendly status is both a benefit and a drawback.

The Drawbacks of Gas Water Heaters

To save money later, you must pay a high cost now. That high cost is hiring a plumber to install the water heater, a gas line, and a vent from scratch. Installing a gas water heater is more cost-effective in homes with existing gas line connections. Meanwhile, the burner that heats water has an open flame. That fire makes gas water heaters unsafe. Vents do a marvelous job of releasing toxic fumes from units into chimneys or PVC pipes leading to the outdoors. However, fire and gas combust and create toxic fumes.

It’s too risky to approach gas water heater installations as DIY projects because of their hazards and potential gas leaks. Should the flame go out, you must find someone to re-light it. An experienced plumber can repair gas water heaters, flush out sediments, re-light flames, and test the units.

Plumbers mitigate the risks to keep everyone safe. They use a percentage of gas to heat the water, and the rest goes into the vent unused. While most water heaters today use at least 80%, the other 20% may seem too wasteful for some. Another drawback is fluctuating temperatures. When multiple fixtures demand hot water from the heater simultaneously, it feels hot in some uses and lukewarm in others.

Gas water heaters offer cost-saving benefits for households requiring a substantial amount of hot water. Conversely, there is a steep price upfront for installation, and the flame can go out anytime. If you can live with the drawbacks, your home may be eligible for a gas water heater.

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