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4 Ways to Save Money With Preventive Sewer Line Maintenance

Your sewer line carries waste from your home to the street, but issues can create expensive damage. Clogs and tree roots can create problems, but preventive maintenance can help avoid expensive repairs. A sewer line repair may cost around a few thousand dollars, but there are ways to protect your sewer line and save money.

1. Routine Professional Sewer Line Maintenance

You probably only think about your sewer line when there’s an issue, but maintenance can prevent costly repairs. Inspections check for clogs and cracks and are another way to save money on future repairs. Our plumbers can remove debris with high-powered jets every two years to keep clogs from forming. They can also install backward prevention valves to decrease the chance of heavy rain or flooding causing sewage backups.

2. Caution Around Your Drains

Many kitchen sinks have a garbage disposal, but you can’t put every food waste into it. Don’t put leftover food into your sinks because food waste is heavier and stresses your plumbing. Scrape your dishes into the garbage, and always throw certain foods away. This includes eggshells, coffee grounds, and starches.

Other types of food can build up in your pipes and sewer line by sticking to the sides. Fats, oils, and grease often cause sewage backup because they adhere to the interior of the pipes and harden. Wipe greasy foods and oil into the garbage to prevent the narrowing of your sewer line.

3. Caution Around Your Toilet

To keep your sewer line clear, fill your water-holding appliances with cold water for preventive flushing and cleaning. To remove sewer line debris, drain your water-holding appliances while simultaneously flushing your toilets. If your pipes are slowing, natural cleaners designed for sewer lines can also clear debris.

Don’t flush disposable wipes, dental floss, and tampons. Even items that say flushable on the packaging won’t break down, which allows them to snag on parts of your plumbing. Anything that isn’t human waste and toilet paper shouldn’t go into your toilet, but too much toilet paper can also cause issues.

4. Landscaping Maintenance

Think about your landscaping when doing preemptive maintenance to protect your sewer line. Trees increase your home’s value, but their roots can grow against and even crack your sewer line, which is expensive to fix. Find the location of your sewer line and remove any trees and shrubs nearby.

Your sewer line keeps your household healthy by moving waste out of your home. Taking precautions with your drains and toilets and planning preventive maintenance protects your plumbing, reduces repairs, and saves money. If you have concerns about your sewer line maintenance in Atascadero, CA, call us at Red’s On Time Plumbing today for a free estimate.


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